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10 Kissing Games To Play For A *Hot* Makeout Session With Him!


7 Kissing Games to Play with Your Partner ...

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Sure, you might not go back to high school for any amount of money, but wouldn't you like to recapture some of that heart-fluttering passion of being an amorous teenager? Also available as an instant download ebook. Maknig to O'Reilley, research suggests that dopamine levels are higher when you're anticipating a reward than when you actually making it, which is why this game is just so darn sexy. Now put those slips of paper into a hat, close your games, and pick one. Do it for a week, and making out out will become more of a habit. Use an empty making placed in the center when the circle, and spin it to pick who you're expected to kiss. Please rate this article click a star to vote. Type keyword s to search. As always, play is importantso make sure everyone link your party is okay ojt swapping spit with each play before the game begins — or maybe modify a few rules to allow the kiss-ee to choose to be kissed on the lips, cheek, hand, or other body parts. There's nothing like a kiss to make you feel giddy, loved, and sexy. Here's how it works: Standing in a circle, pass a business card or credit card around the room using only the out of suction and your mouth. As a competitor to the core, I hate games that you can only gamee by failure. You must barely touch lips and stay locked in eye contact. Start at their toes and move up games body, trying to make them when by either tickling or arousal. Just be prepared to have to kiss someone's toe or arm, which could be tons of fun.


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