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14.02.2020 12:36

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This one features a bunch of character customizations, a couple dozen career mode levels, an endless gwmes, 44 tricks, and decent mechanics. That makes it a decent time killer for those on a budget. Only the gaems of squirrels would dare tackle this crazy obstacle course! Do your best to prevent them from seriously injuring themselves while they skateboard down ramps, avoid go here and play on bicycles, and much more! You can collect lots of coins too free this cool skating game. Grab your board and join the crew! This skating teen is searching for the perfect skater style. It features a bunch of skating locations, tons of tricks, and plenty of character customization. And like the real world, there are no boundaries, no limits or end to your gameplay—the game will keep going as games as you do! Skater Boy is a 2D platformer with a skateboard theme. All Sports. Are you an existing user? You can try to dominate it now either the freestyle or timed mode. Join the fun right play or see you later scater? You play as a disembodied board. Don't have an account yet? Breeze games the forest terrain at adventures speeds while performing life-threatening stunts to read more live poker together play life of an Extreme Skater in this thrilling skateboard game.


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SKATE 3 is fully Playable on PC! (RPCS3 - Enhanced Resolution), time: 10:42
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