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Scroll around in your office by pointing to the right and left. Check camera by scrolling over the bar in the bottom right corner. Change camera with arrow key or mouse.

You would think that being a security guard at a pizza place would be straight forward. During the day, it would seem like a pretty normal place to eat. The smell of freshly made pizza flowing through the air during the day, hides the sinister, frightening and terrifying animatronic robots that work at night.

During the day they seem like generous, hardworking employees. You consider some of them your friends. However they hide a dark secret that you must try and watch out for at night. You need to survive for a total of 5 nights. Sounds simplistic. Sounds very easy. However, this game will test your abilities at even surviving one night. Your resources are limited and you have to manage the amount of power left.

Think you can do it? This bizarre, creepy and out-right strange game will keep you coming back for more as you try and survive the night. Well, you thought wrong. Creepy Game: Unmaking, Unmade. Published : December 19th, Become delirious with a strange or not video in this section for the Q Magazine Labrador at the Doctor Salon. Published : December 18th, Labrador at the Doctor Salon is a funny game for girls. Animal jam 2 online. Published : December 17th, You and i are looking for playing animal jam version 2 with surprising features.

Crazy Zombie 8. Published : June 26th, Crazy Zombie 8. Full Moon Ritual. Published : June 11th, Malcolm is a vampire and this night is special for him. Every hundred years, on Toggle navigation. Your browser has not allowed Adobe's Flash Player which is needed to play the game.

OR Click the i-icon top left in the Chrome address bar. In the Flash dropdown, select 'Always Allow.. Share on:. FNAF Scroll around in your office by pointing to the right and left. Just visit us every day to enjoy our new interesting games.

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Five Nights at Freddy's

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